Bar Sports: Bar Diversions, Darts, Shuffleboard, Billiards on Maui

Tro Darts

Fun & Games Bar diversions have a storied history, and Maui has some great places to partake Bulwarks like billiards, darts and table shuffleboard may be cardinal to the bar landscape–but at face value, pub games are counterintuitive. Drunks wielding domesticated weapons in the lust of competition? Genius. Really, though, it is genius, in that […]

It’s Taco Mondays at Diamonds, in the Azeka Shopping Center in Kihei

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Better yet, it should be said, it’s Gomega Mondays at Diamonds.Gomega’s set kicks off at 10pm — with the bar filling steadidly in the minutes before hand — and takes you through to the closing hour. When I greeted Kanoa (that’s “K-A-N-O-A, from Upountry Maui,” who I’ve oft heard hailed as “Maui’s most versitile/talented musician”) […]