Yeah! Ramen Ya!


I’m lucky. Lucky in that my best gal pal (besides a great listener) is a foodie like no other. She’s literally always got the scoop on the best eats and what to order and recently turned me on to Queen Ka’ahumanu’s Ramen Ya.

Good friends are good listeners who know good grindz.

Good friends are good listeners who know good grindz.

From our very first venture there, I was already hooked–their fried rice haunting my hungriest dreams. To ensure it wasn’t a good-day fluke, I had to go back. Sure enough the grindz were not only consistent, I think they might have even improved.

While the entire menu is enticing, selection “A” seems like the steal of the century (all for under $9): a big bowl of ramen, a mound of killah fried rice (seriously, some of the best out there–flecked with pink fish cake) and four pieces of plump gyoza (gyoza so good it has me turning up my nose elsewhere) is more deliciousness than I–a clean-your-plate kind of girl–can handle.

Ramen Ya

Ramen at Ramen Ya 09.25.09 The Open Kitchen at Ramen Ya 09.25.09

The employees are ultra sweet and attentive (my root beer never sinking lower than quarter cup status) and every time I glance up, the hard working chefs from the open kitchen are smiling, observing us–as if eager to see our reactions to the fare.

While the food has a quality tastiness enough to make you “Mmm!” aloud, when they give us the bill, the prices have me feeling a little like I’m stealing. Thus, Ramen Ya has quickly become one of our new ‘spots’ to dish each other our latest love life gossip over yumminess that appeals to our local palate.

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