This Friday, Nov. 29: Hula Grill Servers Will Donate Tips To Child With Heart Condition


Going out on Black Friday is something of a tradition in this country–nearly as sacred as the consumption of turkey, stuffing and canned cranberry sauce is on Thanksgiving. So if you must brave the crowds in your search for that giant flatscreen you still can’t afford, how about having dinner at a place like Hula Grill in Ka’anapali where your tips will go to a more than usual worthy cause?

“Hula Grill has supported various community members in need, but this year, found the need to be a little closer to home,” stated a Hula Grill press release sent out today. “This year’s tip earnings will be donated to Alen Alik, child of Hula Grill employee ‘Junior Johnny,’ who has a heart condition and other health challenges.”

According to the press release, “Funds from the bartenders’ donation will assist with medical needs and travel expenses for Alen Alik, who must travel to Oahu frequently with his family for health care.”

But hey, no pressure. I’m sure there are lots of places open on Black Friday, and little Alen Alik will forgive you if you simply must have Leilani’s fish tacos or something else for dinner that night.

For reservations, call 808-667-6636. For more information, go to