Pita Paradise launches the Arabatzis Grecian Cuisine to the Wailea Scene


With the opening of Pita Paradise Wailea, the Arabatzis family has more than a few generations of Mediterranean cuisine experience to share with us, the culture of food runs deep in Greece. Did you know people have been eating feta cheese since the Byzantine? It was good then and it rocks now.

BadAss Coffee Maui – New Location in Lahaina at Pioneer Inn


I remember that Bad Ass used to be at Pioneer Inn and now they are back! I want a Bad Ass Coffee, its deadline hell on Wednesday. Click here for Website Version Badass Coffee Maui October  2010 The Original Bad Ass Coffee Discount Club Newsletter Quick Links Badass Maui Website  Badass Maui WebStore Kona […]

New Restaurant: Banyan Tree Deli and Bakery in Lahaina


Have you tried it? I have yet to eat here, but my dad tried it and gave me a heads up. Fresh baked bread, and goodies. I love deli’s so I can’t wait to try it.

Reopening of Maui’s Tropica Restaurant & Bar

Tropica Executive Chef Rich Hinojosa

Oceanfront Dining in Kaanapali is spectacular at Tropica. You are practically in the sand. Their recent renovations sound amazing too. This is on my to-do list so I thought I would share it here: A REFRESHED AND RENEWED EXPERIENCE AWAITS DINERS AT TROPICA RESTAURANT & BAR Oceanfront Restaurant at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa […]

Talking Coffee Shop with Wailuku Coffee Company’s Megan Childers

When Cafe Marc Aurel closed the terror was palpable in the editorial office of Maui Time, where we survive on coffee. Luckily we were only out of a coffee options for about a month before Megan Childers and her partners, Jackie Goring opened Wailuku Coffee Shop in the location on 26 N. Market Street. Megan Childers is no newcomer to the coffee house culture and concept opening her first cafe in Washington as a drive through when she was 17.

@JenRusso: How do you make the perfect espresso?

Megan Childers: It starts with fresh beans, and we have a special grinder that works the beans into a fine ground without bean shock.

Green Banana Frozen Yogurt Grand Opening at 6pm in Paia


Wow, in an amazing turn of events Dean Wong has transformed the adjoining space to his Green Banana Cafe into a frozen yogurt spot in just 12 days! And not just any frozen yogurt spot he will be making the gourmet stuff that the celebs get in Beverly Hills. Dean Wong, thank you! Does this mean I won’t get fat eating it? Only if I do as much pilates as Jennifer Aniston.

Wong says, “I found friendship and guidance in a great yogurt maker in Beverly Hills who has been so generous and excited in my desire to make such a premium healthy product – he makes yogurt for the celebrities and now I get to make it for you – our STARs!”

Star Noodle and Chef Sheldon Simeon make Lahaina Business Park a new foodie destination

Star Noodle was a hub of activity the afternoon I dropped in. Chef Peter Merriman, Merriman’s and TS Restaurants, was having lunch. Matt Lane, LahainaTown Action Committee Board member was also there and said to me, “We had the Nori Chicken, it was awesome. Mochiko Chicken with nori wrapped around it in bite size peices with a spicy aioli dip.” Sounds of Addiction band member Zane Monteleone was

Maui Bake Shop to reopen Tomorrow

I am really excited to have a new breakfast and lunch option by the office, especially because its an old favorite opening up again. Jose and Claire Krall sold their business almost a year ago and handed operations over. Those operators only lasted a few months closing around September. The Kralls had been running the […]

Maui Bake Shop to re-open on Vineyard St. Hello Windmill Pastry, How I Missed You #mauifood


As much as I am saddened by the recent closings in wailuku, i am very excited to see Maui Bake Shop opening. For years colleague Sam Campos and I were woo’d by the French music and amazing French pastries made by Jose and Claire Crall. The windmill was a puff pastry and custard pastry that […]

Lunch from Kings the new chinese restaurant

King’s BBQ and Chinese restaurant just opened at 197 N. Market St. In Wailuku 808-242-8848.They open at 6:00 am till 9:30 pm, their breakfast seems very reasonable, even offering a $2.99 special which is corned beef hash, 2 eggs, and a scoop of rice. We tried the katsu mini for $4.99 and it was plentiful […]