Blue Lagoon-Tropical Lahaina Seafood Grotto in the Wharf, Lahaina Maui Restaurant Review

The Wharf Center in Lahaina Town was once the newest retail structure by the harbor. As kids we loved the triple decker maze it offered and the “basement” level fun factory. This little retail and theater center was built without a centralized food court, but food it definitely has. My most recent food exploration was […]

Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop, Oluwalu Maui New Restaurant Review


The Meta Given’s Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, published in 1959 and given to me by my late maternal grandmother, says of pastry and pies, “There is every reason why modern pies should be even better than those (of tender memory) which Grandma used to make. If there is any Great American Dessert, it’s probably pie.” […]