New Book ‘Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America’ Shows That Even Maui Is Mexican

Taco USA

By Anthony Pignataro Here’s an easy way to impress your friends: challenge them to name all the places on Maui that sell Mexican food. Well, let’s see. There are six Maui Tacos locations scattered across the island, at least four Amigo’s spots, three Taco Bells (yes, they count), Polli’s up in Makawao, Taqueria Cruz in […]

Local Chef Zouhair Zairi writes cookbook- Moorish Fusion Cuisine: Conquering the New World

Sitting in Bangkok Cuisine on Dairy Road, I’m eating some of the best roast duck on the island with Chef Zouhair Zairi and his wife Yuka Kashiwabara. Zairi is fresh off his Japan and U.S. tour, in which he promoted his new cookbook, Moorish Fusion Cuisine: Conquering the New World. Chef ZZ, as he’s also […]

Maui Chef Sabra Ricci’s New Book ‘Lobster for Leos and Cookies for Capricorns’ is your guide to astro-dining

  Maui Chef Sabra Ricci cooks under the stars, by the stars and for the stars. With her hot Hollywood clientele always consulting her on astrology while she created their dishes, she decided it was time to write a cookbook combining the two disciplines. At her very first Maui Writer’s Conference in 2005, she pitched […]